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The Tripper (2006) 1080p

The Tripper is a movie starring Jaime King, Thomas Jane, and Lukas Haas. A Ronald Reagan-obsessed serial killer targets a bunch of hippies who are heading to a weekend-long concert.

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The Synopsis for The Tripper (2006) 1080p

In the 80's, after seeing his father and lumberjack foreman being hit by a protestor against the deforesting and arrested by the police, the boy Gus kills the protestor with a chainsaw. In the present days, Samantha, who is traumatized after being abused by her former boyfriend Jimmy, travels with her pothead friends in a van to the American Free Love Festival, a rock-and-roll concert in the woods. Near the location, they are assaulted by three local hillbillies, but they succeed to arrive in the festival. Meanwhile, Mayor Hal Burton and Deputy Buzz Hall try to give a minimum of organization to the event. However, a deranged psychopath serial-killer wearing a mask of Ronald Reagan uses an ax to kill the pacific stoned hippies.

The Director and Players for The Tripper (2006) 1080p

[Role:]Jaime King
[Role:Director]David Arquette
[Role:]David Arquette
[Role:]Thomas Jane
[Role:]Lukas Haas

The Reviews for The Tripper (2006) 1080p

The Film You Have Been Waiing ForReviewed bygavin6942Vote: 8/10

A group of young drug users and liberty-lovers attend the Free Love Festival (as filmed in Big Basin National Park in Santa Cruz). But, of course, not everyone is in love with free love or drugs. Take, for example, Ronald Reagan. In this film, we see what happens when an ax-wielding Gipper faces off against a forest full of stoners.

Although this film is considered a 2006 release, it did not hit a wide release until 2007. And in 2007, two horror icons released a new film: David Arquette and Rob Zombie. Zombie, a horror fan all his life, made the less-than-perfect "Halloween" where violence and wrestlers are all we get. Arquette, who has appeared in many, many horror films, combines gore, political satire, and an amazing cast (none of whom auditioned but were hand-picked) to create a fun, fast-paced and fresh film. (Arquette also wrote this, as well as stars in a minor role -- his brother gets a much larger one.)

Thomas Jane ("The Punisher"), James King (who I loved as Angela in "Slackers"), Jason Mewes ("Feast"), and Paul Reubens ("Blow") appear. I was just blown away with the cast here. Mewes, not known for his acting, really pulled it together for this film. King starred and was more lovely than ever. And Reubens was both evil and hilarious, a perfect combination -- not to mention almost setting a record for profanity in one scene.

Some of the gore was cheesy. The chopped off hand scene was a bit fake looking. Okay, a lot fake looking. But this comes from KNB effects, especially Howard Berger, and it is hard to criticize them. One of the crew, Tami Lane, heard of her Oscar nomination for "Chronicles of Narnia" while working on the film. (Berger and Lane shared the award.) Oddly, she is not listed in the credits for "Tripper".

I really do not like the drug vision camera shots. I have complained in other reviews (most notably "Snakes on Plane") how much I dislike using distorted vision to show the viewpoint of a monster, or in this case a high person. It just seems cheesy. But, at least, they did not need a dozen establishing shots of marijuana plants to let you know it was a drug movie (like "Evil Bong").

But the fun and action made up for all the flaws. And the political satire was brilliant. Maybe that was not from Arquette, or he is secretly smarter than he comes across. The discussion of Reagan's jellybeans and deinstitutionalization. Many other political and legal perspectives were presented (such as the debate of logging versus the environment) and I was just enthralled. This was a horror film with intelligence.

I met Arquette and Mewes in February 2007, and had been extremely excited since then to see the film. Despite my high expectations, I was not let down at all. Oh, did I mention the nudity? Yes, there is plenty of nudity, too. And a portable toilet scene that outdoes "Hills Have Eyes II". This may be one of the better horror films of 2006. Do not miss your chance to get a copy.

The DVD is loaded with bonus material, including audio commentary with Arquette, Reubens and Thomas Jane. We learn that Arquette wanted every little thing to be a symbol -- money, politics, violence, drugs. Exactly what everything symbolizes is unclear. But it is still a good commentary.

Not bad, but not good eitherReviewed bydustinhunter707Vote: 6/10

OK now this movie wasn't completely horrible because the whole idea of a psychopath obsessing himself with Ronald Reagan and then dressing up like him to go kill hippies actually worked and was pretty frightening. But the gore was really fake looking and the characters were just completely dumb because they were really high the whole movie and didn't pay attention to anything that could have saved their lives. I like David Arquette, but I think he needed to rewrite this one a little before he made it and make the gore a little more realistic as well. Overall I give it a 6 out of 10 because it had a good storyline, but it kind of failed as the movie continued on. I would only recommend this to those who like brainless horror films with dumb characters and fake gore.

Different and Creative.Reviewed bys-toubalVote: 6/10

The Blood and Gore was a bit comical, but overall it was an enjoyable movie. Some of the death scenes were done with some creativity and I think they hit the nail right in the head as far as depicting how Hippies behave and live their lives for nothing, but smoking pot or getting high with mushrooms, acid and whatever else drug they can get their hands on. This concert the Hips were attending reminded me of that event in the desert called (The Burning Man). David Arquette used a different approach to directing this and it was an effective approach for the most part. The acting was decent with some actors being better than others. So overall I give this a 6 out of 10. Not bad for Arquette's directorial debut.

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